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We help you make money!

What will this package do for you?

Watch your stocks, stock options, major market indices and Forex exchange rates
while you are too busy consulting your clients, performing surgeries or...
having another Margarita on the beach.
Give you ultimate flexibility in the alert parameters.
Provide you with the service level that you need.
Send you e-mail or numeric page when your alert criterion is met.
Receive your e-mail requesting immediate stock/Forex quote or alert setup.
You can also turn the alert off using e-mail request.
Send you daily quotes for multiple stock symbols grouped together and delivered
in a single e-mail.
Best of all your fully functional Bronze membership is free for the lifetime
of your account!

Our mission is simple:

We help you make more money spending less time.

Our pledge to you:

We actively use our system -- and we constantly improve it to be simple,
fast and efficient.
We give you the best proven software technology.
Your security is one of our greatest concerns:
        we are not using cookies,
        we will never sell your personal information (we would rather go bankrupt!).
We will listen to your suggestions and comments and will implement enhancements
and expand the functionality if you need it. Please, read our customer feedback about
our services.

Go ahead, create your account with us.
Your fully functional Bronze membership is free and it will never expire!

We look forward to serving you in the years to come!

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